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Trade Plans & Merchandising

Trade Plans &

Business & Strategies.

We provide custom business plans to entrepreneurs and businesses who required strategical planning for bank loans, investors, immigration, venture capitalists and any other need.*

  • Business Plan-Vision, Mission-Objectives.
  • Strategic Budgeting. Financial Metrics, KPI’s & Ratios. 
  • Strategical reasoning and Planning.
  • Full Feasibility Plan and Projections.
  • Accountant Strategical Analysis. 
  • Competitive Data Intelligence. 
  • HR Administrative Organization.
  • Business 2 Business.
  • Effective Consumer Response.
  • CRM Plans.
  • *Note: Marketing and Trade Solutions is not registered Financial Planner does not pretend or offer any Financial advice in form or circumstance.

Franchise & Licensing.

We oversee the entire Franchisor and Franchisee development process including the Franchise manual, Key Franchise Indicators, Franchise marketing plan, Franchise brokerage and sales plan and the necessary.

  • Develop of new Franchise concept.
  • Franchisor feasibility Plan.
  • Qualifications for a Single or a Master Franchise.
  • Franchise Rings of Influence and Markets.
  • Franchise Development Policy.
  • Develop of Complete Franchise Manual.
  • Franchise Image.
  • Franchise Staffing and post management.
  • Key variables and draft to develop the FDD and other legal documentation with a lawyer.*
  • *Note: Marketing and Trade Solutions is not registered as a lawyer and does not pretend or offer any legal advice in form or circumstance. To develop the FDD, the client must hire a registered lawyer.

Research & Intelligence.

We have developed our own research methods in order to provide the clearest and detailed view of the market, as well as resourcefully insights of the competition. test studies of competitiveness, real SWOT analysis and real positioning.

  • Competitive Intelligence.
  • Mystery Shopper evaluations.
  • Rings of Influence Analysis and Potential.
  • Digital Surveys and Pools.
  • Demographics evaluations.
  • Statistics Industry markets analysis and sales forecasts.
  • Focus Group.
  • Uses & attitudes.

Branding & Products Dev.

We will help you at any stage of the product development cycle including “Idea Generation & Idea Screening” as well as the portfolio architecture and product testing process.

  • Idea Generation and Idea Analysis and testing.
  • Portfolio Architecture and Portfolio Levels using “The Gringolas Theory”.*
  • Product and Package test &/or specific tests.
  • Product line production flow chart.
  • Product alliances and acquisitions.
  • *The Gringolas Theory is a method based on the book writing by Marlon Bustos. If you want to learn more about this book please. click here.

Experiential Marketing.

We focus not only in the Traditional Marketing, but also in the “Experiential Marketing”, connecting and inviting your customers to participate in the evolution of your Brand rather than looking as passive receivers of messages.

  • New Concepts, Products, Brand & Marketing Development.
  • Perceptual Map, Reason to believe, brand Essence, Elevator Peach and USP (unique sales proposition).
  • Portfolio plans & Portfolio Architecture.
  • Promotional Plans.
  • Price Plans.
  • Place/Distribution Plans.
Business & Finance

Advertising & Engagement.

We develop techniques for attracting effective customers count with a team of professional designers to assist in any needs for your identity or branding, including stationary image and content media creation and production.

  • Brand Positioning and Brand Development.
  • Logo, Stationary, Literature and Brochure designs.
  • Advertising Campaigns.
  • Internal & External Design & Visibility.
  • PR Plans and Direct Marketing Plans.
  • Media Mix/Media Planning / Media Budgeting.
  • Copy, Text development and arts.
  • Video Production and implementation.
Business & Finance

Digital & Social Media.

We provide investors and analysts with numerical accounting data in Financial Metrics to carry out a successful business, to know if your business is profitable or not.

  • Web Architecture and Design.
  • Annual Digital Promotional Plans.
  • Social Media Planning. (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Instagram, etc.)
  • Reputation Management Plans.
  • E-mail blast Planning.
  • SEO, SOM and Digital Metrics.

Research & Intelligence.

We create the necessary trade promotions, guerrilla plans, merchandise plans as well as category management and planograms program for your products. P.O.P/Merchandising plans.

  • Retail Planograms and Key Account Plans.
  • Full digital and on site Loyalty and Referral plans.
  • Consumer Promotions.
  • Trade Promotions.
  • Product Launch and Sales Conventions.
  • Clients oriented Seminars and courses.
  • Sales task force contests.

Our Clients

  • In MT Solutions we specialized in strategic business, marketing and promotional advisory services to small and mid-size business owners as well as commercial, marketing and financial managers.
  • We also work with entrepreneurs at the very earliest stages of their ventures, as well with established small and mid-size companies where execution, speed, and focus mean the difference between success and failure.
  • Since 1999 Marketing and Trade Solutions has help many businesses in The United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Primary Clients

Our Primary Clients are Small and mid-size business located in in The United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Secondary Clients

A. Entrepreneurs and investors located in USA, Latin America and Europe.
B. Advertising Agencies, Public Relation Agencies, Investor Consultants, Immigration Layers, Market research and Poles Agencies, Business plans consultants, located in USA and Latin American and Caribbean countries.
C. VP Commercials, marketing managers, senior product managers, and business development directors from large size companies located in USA and Latin American and Caribbean countries. 

Some of our clients.

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